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Rick’s Blog

End-to-end OIC to SAP architecture

Launching ideas around the globe

  • Oracle ORDS CRUD Generator

    20 October 2019 by

    I would like to share something that can benefit everyone working with Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) and Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS), being: the ORDS CRUD Generator.

  • Refresh posts of Jarvis Pizzeria

    22 September 2019 by

    In the summer of 2017 till the summer of the year after Marcel wrote together with two other consultants 30+ blogs about Oracle PCS. In these blogs, just about all the different components of PCS have been reviewed. To close this era Marcel has written three summarizing refresher blogs in which all previous blogs are… Read more

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Topics to expect in this blog:

  • Cloud architecture
  • Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)
    • Process Cloud Service (PCS)
    • Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
    • Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)
  • SAP
    • S/4HANA
    • Integrating SAP with OIC
  • JavaScript

Short term blog post on the roadmap:

  • GroovyScript in VBCS BusinessObjects
  • OIC – SAP Data Access through Services, Mediators and to BAPI’s

Cover photo by Trevor Mahlmann