VBCS: Using cookies to save user preferences / user input from the UI

Jarvis serves cookies pizza! Today we will be looking into two examples of using cookies when baking pizza. The first is a hard save of information through a save and get button on a webpage, the second is on the fly saving of information on a webpage (saving fields locally in cookies so a user […]

ICS: Conditional REST / JSON mapping in OIC

Mapping optional fields is quite fiddly in Integration Cloud Service (ICS) when using JSON. In this post I would like to show the steps i’ve taken to come to a solution, as I strongly believe that the road to a solution is also important to provide. Reading the whole post gives insight into the inner […]

VBCS: JavaScript usage, challenges, architecture and governance for enterprises

Oracle Cloud Integration (OIC), Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)JavaScript usage, challenges, architecture and governance for enterprisesIncluding smart debugging for action chains In our current project we are using OIC as a combination of: Process Cloud Service (PCS), Integration Cloud Service (ICS), Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) and Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS). This is a […]

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